If your business is shifting between locations or if your office has run out of storage space, you'll need to find a safe location for your vital business documents. Commercial storage provides several options for safe document storage, while removing the clutter in your office to enhance productivity. This guide is designed to equip you with vital tips for safe document storage for your business.

Choose A Climate Controlled Storage Unit

A climate controlled storage facility is ideal for document records management because it helps to protect important documents from heat, humidity, cold and other extreme weather conditions. Climate controlled storage keeps the inside temperature and humidity constant, irrespective of the weather conditions outside. This is a key factor when you store important documents like financial records, tax statements and employee records.

Store Documents Securely In Cardboard Boxes

You should ideally store important documents in sturdy cardboard boxes filled with packing paper to ensure that they do not shift during transport. Some of your documents may be quite old and any untoward movement could cause irreversible damage to them. Once you store the documents inside these cardboard boxes, be sure to seal them securely with packing tape before putting the box into records management storage facilities.

Follow Safety Procedures Judiciously

When you choose commercial storage units for vital business documents, you naturally don't want them falling in the wrong hands. You must be judicious with the safety procedures you follow to ensure that the documents remain safe. For instance, only share the keys and security code to the unit with authorised company employees. Similarly, make sure the commercial storage facility offers video surveillance options, so you can keep track of people who access your documents, if any. For added security, you can store your business documents in fire safes and locked file cabinets to prevent damage and theft.

Place Old Files At The Bottom Of Boxes

Since you probably have some important documents in the storage unit, chances are you want to access some records and information from time to time. To make your life easier, you should pack the files and documents in order of importance. For instance, older files may need to be accessed less frequently than newer records, so place them in the bottom of the boxes and top up the box with newer and more frequently accessed files. When stacking boxes, place oldest boxes at the bottom and the newer boxes on the top for easier access.

Follow these key commercial storage tips to store vital business documents safely.