If you're planning to move to a new home or if you're refurbishing your current one, then you naturally need to invest in a storage unit for keeping all your prized possessions, including your upholstered couch. This guide is designed to help you smartly pack your upholstered couch for the furniture storage unit.

Clean The Fabric Thoroughly

You probably sleep, sit and eat on your upholstered couch, so make sure to clean it properly before placing it in the storage unit. A proper cleaning will prevent dust and food debris from causing mould and mildew to grow on it inside the storage unit. You will need to use a specialised fabric and upholstery cleaner available at any home improvement store to maximise the life of your couch. Make sure the fabric upholstery is dry before it is placed in storage because moisture provides an enabling environment for mould to grow.

Cover All Exposed Wood Areas To Prevent Damage

Your upholstered sofa may have a few exposed wood areas at the handles or at the legs, so be sure to cover these up in foam sheets and bubble wrap to prevent any damage to them while the sofa is in transit to the storage unit. Foam sheets and bubble wrap can typically be picked up from stationery stores. You will need to secure them tightly to the exposed wood areas using masking tape.

Cover Fabric With Drop Cloths

Cover your fabric upholstery with drop cloths to ensure that dust doesn't settle directly on the furniture in the storage unit. Avoid using plastic sheets because this will not allow your upholstery to breathe, which will cause beads of moisture to form inside. This trapped moisture will result in the growth of mould and mildew on your fabric.

Choose Climate Controlled Storage If Possible

Your upholstered couch is meant to rest comfortably in your living room and not a storage unit, so choose climate controlled storage if possible to protect the wood and upholstered fabric from premature damage because of humidity, excessive temperatures and moisture. Climate controlled units offer dry and cool environments, allowing your upholstered couch to stay undamaged for longer. If stored in a climate controlled storage unit, your couch will come out looking exactly the same as it went in.

Making sure that your upholstered couch remains in tiptop shape in the storage unit takes some effort, but it also means that your sofa remains well protected until you need it again.