Working with a removalist company can ensure the easiest and quickest move for you; a removalist company will pack up your items properly, ensuring that delicate pieces are kept safe, and they can even help you break down heavier objects that are too big and bulky to simply be picked up and carried to a truck. Before working with a removalist company, you want to ensure you take some steps to get yourself prepared. Note a few of these below.

1. Remove perishable items

If you haven't already gone through all the food in your refrigerator, you probably need to empty it before the removalists arrive. Remember that the refrigerator will be unplugged and not working while it's being moved, so you can't simply keep your items inside even if the removalist company secures the door shut. It can be good to invest in a cooler for keeping items cool if you're moving more than an hour away so that nothing gets spoiled. You might even take the cooler with you in your own car and then you can stop and add fresh ice every few hours or as needed so that you don't wind up wasting all your fresh and frozen foods.

2. Spray down bolts to outside items

A removalist company will usually take down swing sets, trampolines and items like decks and pergolas that may be going with you. However, the bolts to these items may have rusted over the years so they may need some lubricant spray. If you spray them down a few hours before the removalist company arrives, the spray will have some time to work its way through the rusted nuts and bolts and loosen up those connectors. In turn, the removalist company won't need to work so hard to remove them and your move won't be delayed because these items simply won't tear down.

3. Purge before they arrive

Trying to purge items while a removalist company is packing your items can be cumbersome; you can be underfoot and it can make their job harder, as they try to figure what items should go in certain boxes while you're taking them out to toss away. You should also purge before the removalist company arrives to give you an estimate so that they can give you a more accurate estimate based on the items you'll actually need packed and moved. Plan a good day when you can purge your items, and get rid of them well before the removalist company arrives so you're more organized and they can work more efficiently.