Typically, when individuals ring up a self storage facility, the first thing they request is the price they will be expected to pay. However, starting off your conversation with the provider on this note does not actually help you in narrowing down your options. Self storage facilities do not come in a one size fits all package. Here are some of the aspects that would dictate self storage prices.

Climate control in self storage facilities

When seeking self storage options, the types of belongings you are putting away would impact the type of facility would be best suited for your needs. For instance, if you are storing sensitive items such as documents and upholstery that will be susceptible to damage due to temperature changes and humidity, you may have to consider a climate-controlled unit. These units have their interior temperature regulated to ensure that your belongings are not exposed to extreme heat and cold. On the other hand, if you are simply looking for extra space for items that will not be susceptible to damage, then you could opt for a unit without climate control. Climate-controlled units will always come with a premium price tag than conventional storage units.

Accessibility to the self storage unit

Another aspect that would influence the pricing of self storage would be how easily you can access your unit. There are a number of factors that would determine this pricing. Some of these include

  • Multi-level units: Multi level facilities will have several different floors providing self storage units. Generally, the easiest floor to access, which would be the first floor, would be more expensive than the upper level storage units.
  • Outdoor access units: These types of units give you the flexibility to drive right up to your storage unit and leave. This makes it easier for both the loading and offloading of your belongings as the need arises. These units tend to cost more than those that would require you to perambulate around the storage facility with your belongings.

Security provided at the self storage unit

Generally, all storage facilities will provide some level of security to ensure that your goods are safe. However, the degree of security provided will also affect the amount of money that you would have to pay for the unit. For instance, storage facilities that simply provide you with deadbolts on your storage unit would be more affordable than those that come with CCTV cameras and security patrolling the premises.