Leather bean bags are bound to cost more than their fabric or faux leather counterparts, so if you're planning to place them in a storage unit for the short or long haul, then you'll need to assume smart techniques to preserve them from damage. This guide equips you with actionable instructions to pack and store your leather bean bag.  

Clean The Leather Material Using A Damp Cloth

Before you pack your leather bean bag for storage, you must ensure that it is thoroughly cleaned to prevent mould and mildew from damaging the surface. Use a damp cloth to remove the dirt and grime from the surface as much as possible.

Apply Leather Conditioner To Preserve The Quality Of The Material

High-quality leather requires careful care to ensure that the material remains strong and damage-free throughout its shelf life in the storage unit. The best way to preserve the quality of your leather bean bag is to apply leather conditioner to it to prevent moisture from destroying and flaking the exterior material. Leather conditioner replaces natural oils and prevents drying out of leather. Dried out leather will cause tearing and cracking over time. Leather conditioner can easily be purchased from your local home improvement store and is ideal for leaving a protective barrier around your leather bean bag while it is placed in the storage unit.

Cover In A Breathable Cloth Fabric

Leather needs enough air to breathe. This helps to prevent moisture from building up and causing material-damaging mould and mildew to form on it. Cover your leather bean bag using cloth fabric to allow it to breathe. Avoid wrapping up the bean bag in plastic because this will prevent the bean bag from breathing inside. Plastic will eventually cause beads of moisture to form, leading to the growth of mould and mildew on the leather material. Excessive mould and mildew will eventually cause irreparable damage like flaking and cracking of your leather bean bag.

Place In A Temperature Controlled Storage Unit

To prolong the shelf life of your leather bean bag, it's ideal to place it in a temperature controlled storage unit because this will prevent excessive moisture and heat from sneaking into the room. Extra humid conditions will cause damage, so be sure to choose a climate controlled storage unit for its consistent humidity and temperature.

Follow these actionable instructions in your quest to pack and store your leather bean bag in a storage unit for the short or long haul.